About Instructors

Scott Fresenerscottfresener-half.gif
Scott Fresener has been in the industry since 1970 and is considered the leading expert on every phase of the process. He is the developer of FastFilms and T-Seps which are the worlds leading color separation software programs with over 9,000 users world wide. He is also the developer of FastRIP and T-RIP for film output with over 9,000 users worldwide. Scott is considered the "father" of direct-to-garment printing and was the first to develop printing white inkjet ink on garments.

Scott is a former board member of SGIA, is a lifetime member of the Academy of Screen & Digital Technology, is the co-author of How To Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit - and - is an excellent color separator with clients from around the world. Scott has produced dozens of videos/DVDs about the process. 

He is the former CEO of U.S. Screen Print and Inkjet Technologyand now the director of T-Biz Network International, LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has over 100 videos on his YouTube channel.

Scott has traveled the world consulting and training and has given over 1,000 hands-on classes, written over 300 technical articles for trade magazines, and has been in hundreds of shops world-wide working side-by-side with artists, production people and owners.

Scott and his wife, Pat, found the U.S. School of Screen Printing in 1979 and over the years taught at least 14,000 students how to print T-Shirts. Learn more about Scott at www.T-BizNetwork.com.

Mike Fresenermikefresener10.jpg
Mike Fresener was literally born into the industry. He grew up with a print shop in the garage and was doing color separations in the darkroom (camera!) regularly before he was 8. As the family business evolved into selling print supplies he did the dirty work behind the scenes (taking out the trash and shipping product). He began helping teach parts of the screen print classes which evolved over the years into teaching the majority of them. He's spoken at many trade shows and written articles for various industry trade magazines. He is an excellent well rounded screen printer and is featured on a number of "how-to" videos on all phases of the process.

Mike is versed in both manual and automatic screen print equipment, dryers and heat presses. He was heavily involved in the manufacture of screen printing equipment and DTG machines over the years as vice-president of U.S. Screen Print and Inkjet Technology. 

Mike has also done onsite consulting and a lot of tech support. He understands many other types of imaging such as Large Format, Sublimation, Embroidery and CAD Signmaking. 

Mike was instrumental in leading the DTG market towards reality and even coined the term "DTG". Mike now owns a screen print supply company in Kentucky called Independent Print Supplies