About US

The Printers Boot Camp is brought to you by Scott and Mike Fresener and sponsored by Independent Print Supplies.com and T-Biz Network International, LLC.

Over the years the Freseners have taught well over 14,000 students at the famous Institute in Arizona. Since 2009 the Freseners have been doing their popular workshops in various cities and at trade shows. What always separated the Freseners classes from others was the intimate knowledge they have of the industry and their ability to teach in a step-by-step manner that is easily understood. Not a day goes by that Scott or Mike don't talk to one of their former students and the conversation usually starts with "I came to your class back in the 80's and you made me a success."

The Freseners have always felt the way to strengthen the industry is through training. Scott has written over 300 articles for trade magazines and has given at least 1,000 seminars and workshops. He is a very popular speaker at trade shows around the world and continues to provide information for printers at his T-Biz Network International website.

Mike Fresener was born into the industry and has taught thousands of students at the "school" and elsewhere. He is a very experienced printer and is now owner of a screen print supply company called Independent Print Supplies

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