Class 401 - Master Color Separator



Master Separators Class with Scott Fresener
$295 per person

Plus, save 30% for each additional person attending from the same company or family. 

2018 Class Date:
August 5-6

Take this class back-to-back after the T-Shirt and Sublimation class and save! See our Six Day Package.

Can't make it to Bowling Green? This course is also offerered online at Take it at your own pace. Over 65 videos and 11 hours with training manuals, work files and more. Check it out HERE.

bootcampseparator1-web.jpgAbout This Class

Scott Fresener is one of the industry’s leading T-Shirt screen printing color separators and a printing expert. He brings his wealth of experience to this fast paced workshop. Scott does thousands of color separations per year for clients big and small including people who print for Disney, Harley, NASCAR, Walmart and others. In this class you will learn Scott’s secrets of how to take good and bad artwork and make a great set of separations for light and dark shirts with prints that will jump off the garment.

This class covers the entire process including doing separation in a vector program like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and how to do simple and high-end separation in Adobe Photoshop. Whether you are a beginner or experienced printer there is something in this class for you.

Here are just a few of the many things you will learn:

  • A good tutorial on Adobe Photoshop to get you up to speed on how it works. We assume some attendees will have a basic grasp of computer graphics but maybe not Photoshop. 
  • Basic and advanced techniques with vector programs like Illustrator and Corel Draw.
  • How to trap and choke colors for better printing.
  • How to reduce the color count to accomodate your printing press.
  • How to color separate in Adobe Photoshop including Simulated Process color, CMYK, and Index separations.
  • How to fix bad JPG images.
  • How to get cleaner colors with less color mixing.
  • How to soft proof the image and see exactly how it will print.
  • How to make the seps very screen print friendly with proper ink densities.
  • How to create separations that work on all shirt colors.
  • How to design artwork with color separations in mind.
  • How to design and separate so your production people will love you.
  • How to quickly fix customer artwork and improve the color contrasts and brightness.
  • What type of separations to use on different types of artwork.
  • All about film output and halftone dots.
  • How to determine and dictate the proper halftone frequency, dot angle, dot shape, mesh count and more.
  • Shortcuts in all programs to speed up the work flow.
  • The secrets of proper screen making, ink usage and press setup.
  • How to print a high-end photo realistic print with a hands-on printing exercise.
  • and of course much, much more.

Here is a sampling of the types of jobs Scott separates every day - to rave reviews from his customers. You will be working with images like these and learn how to separate them in the Master Separators Boot Camp.


These images are copyright/trademark their respective owners.

This is a hands on class . You will work side-by-side with Scott and work with great artwork and bad artwork. You will work through real jobs for both light and dark shirts.Test files will include everything from high resolution artwork to low quality JPG images that need fixing. You will leave with a number of complete sample jobs on your computer that you can put on screens in your shop and make a print.  

This class teaches you how to do separations without and without any third party software. But, if you own T-Seps, FastFilms or other similar automated programs that is all the better because they do the "heavy lifting" when doing separations. The key to a great set of seps is knowing how to make the artwork screen print and separation friendly and then knowing how to tweak the seps for the best and brightest print possible.

Creating great separations is just part of the process. You have to understand how your screen department can hold all those small dots on screens and you have to have printers in the shop who understand how to not "kill" the print. A portion of this class is about the importance of good screen making and press setup. Attendees will actually make a high-end photo realistic print on a black shirt at the end of class. Even if you have never printed before - this exercise is to show the importance of printing the separations correctly. 

bootcamp-scottsdale-sepsclasspiclr.jpgWho Should Attend?
This class is geared towards artists who want to take their art skills to a new level and learn how to separate their artwork. It is also geared towards owner/operator/artists who have good computer skills but want to do better separations for garment screen printing. This class is not necessarily for beginning screen printers - but, if you are a startup with some computer graphic experience and want to get a grasp of what will propel you to the next level of printing (bigger customers!), then this class is a must. 

Class Materials
Each attendee will receive a work disk with sample files on it along with a Class Manual covering important points covered in class. Students will be able to take home finished work files. Attendees will also physically print a high-end class project image on a black shirt at the end of the class as part of the screen printing training section of this course.

This class is designed for computer graphics artists, owners, managers, or anyone who is involved in creating color separations for garment screen printing. It is assumed the attendee has a basic grasp of computer graphics. The main programs used in this class are Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. You don't need to be proficient in any of these programs - that is what you will learn in this class but it is helpful if you have a working knowledge of them. 

This class is hands-on and each attendee must bring their own computer and a laptop is preferred. The computer can be Mac or PC and it must have Adobe Photoshop installed along with either Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. There will be AC power at each table for your computer. If you do not own any of the programs you can download free trials from their websites. If more than one person is attending from the same company it is recommended each person have a computer. If you plan on sharing a computer then our only comment is "play nice" and determine how you will share the mouse time. 

Certificate of Completion
Each attendee gets a signed Certificate of Completion. Over the years the Freseners have given out over 14,000 certificates and it is amazing to hear over and over former students brag that they have their certificate framed and proudly on display. One student commented years ago that his "Fresener" certificate made him more money than his Masters degree. 

Class Times
Day One: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Day Two: 9:00am to 5:00pm