Class 401 - Master Color Separator

Master Separators Class with Scott Fresener

Due to logistics and scheduling conflicts this hands-on class has now been replaced by an online course at It is actually much better to learn at your own pace than in a hectic two day class with mixed proficiency levels. With the online course you get Scott in over 65 short videos and you can learn at your pace. 

PLUS we also have online courses on Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator!

Here is a short introduction video about the course.


High-End T-Shirt Color Separations 
Master Class

  • Are you tired of turning down high-end, full-color jobs because you don't know how to color separation the image?
  • Are halftones a total mystery to you and you have never used high mesh counts?
  • Do you have an automated color separation program but want to know more about the process?
  • Do you want to take your company to the next level and stop turning down shirt orders from festivals, runs, car shows, events and more?
  • Are you sending out for high-end color separations but want to save money and do them yourself?

 If you answer yes to any of these questions then this course is just what you need.

Signup today for FREE and watch the EIGHT FREE videos from the various lessons. See if you like it and then when you are ready pay for the entire course. This is course is LIVE right now and contains over 11 hours of videos. You can start it and finish it in a couple of days or take your time and complete it at your leisure. Refer back to the lessons as often as you need over the next year!

In this Master Class you will learn all about creating high-end color separations for light and dark shirt T-Shirt screen printing using Adobe Photoshop. If you are new to Photoshop you will learn all the basic and advanced techniques you need to know to become a Master Color Separator. At the end of the course you will received a Certifcate of Achievement.

This course is taught by industry guru/veteran, Scott Fresener who has done tens of thousands of color separations for large and small companies around the world. Shirts printed with Scott's seps are in most major department stores, theme parks, airport gift shops all the way to small town teams and events. Scott has pretty much taught the industry how to separate - starting off years ago teaching how to separate using a process camera!

Start taking the course today and finish at your own pace. Refer back to the lessons and videos over and over for up to one year! You can even take the courses on your tablet or smartphone.

Course Content:

To see a more in-depth course detail look at the lengthy Course Curriculum and details HERE. There are over 65 short videos, mini-manuals to go with key sections, quizzes, the ability to upload files for Scott's evalation and critique, plus the ability to ask questions at anytime. In a nutshell you will learn all of the following.

  • How to use Adobe Photoshop.
  • How to create Simulated Process Separations.
  • How to create Index Color Separations.
  • How to create CMYK Process Color Separations.
  • How to create Black and White and Old Photo Separations.
  • All about film output.
  • All about how to use your inks correctly.
  • Proper screen making for high-end printing.
  • Proper press setup and printing techniques.
  • Tips, tricks and techniques that Scott uses every day.
  • Over ELEVEN HOURS of video instruction.
  • Mini-Manual PDF files for easy reference.
  • Download work files so you can follow along with Scott.
  • Take Quizzes at each important session section.

If you want to do separations for images like these - this course is for you!

Prerequesites for this class:
Pretty much None. You just need to have a desire and hopefully a need to use high-end color separations for garment screen printing. You will need a copy of Adobe Photoshop - any version - on a Mac or PC.

Who is this course for?

  • Owner/operators wanting to know the process or how to do it themselves.
  • Artists wanting to learn how to create high-end separations.
  • Artists who already do this but want to know more and learn tips and tricks to speed up the process.
  • Printers or artists using automated programs like T-Seps, Separation Studio, Easy Art and others who want to learn how to get more from those programs and learn all the tweaks that make good separations great separations.

Follow Along with Scott
The courses are like having Scott Fresener watching over you and teaching you. Most of the videos are shot like "gamer" videos with Scott talking to you in the lower corner of your screen. Plus you get dozens of work files and mini-manuals to use in the course. See for yourself before you even spend money. Signup for free and check out some of the FREE content.


Common Questions

Do I need to know Photoshop?
Not at all. You will learn Photoshop from this course.

What if I only use Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator?
You will need to break down and get Photoshop. The Creative Cloud is an excellent way to get it and you can get a 30 day free trial if you need. Any version will work - Mac or PC!


What if I only have a four color printing press?
That makes it a little hard. Most dark shirt high-end images have an underbase white and then the colors and they are generally six colors or even more. A six color press is common and a minimum for high-end printing.

What Will it be like AFTER the Course?
If you complete the entire course and master all (or most) of the important steps and concepts then you will be shocked and how much simpler and better things are. You will be able to take in any job - from a customer's cell phone picture (ok, the quality does have a bearing on the outcome), a low quality JPG image, jobs created in most other graphic programs - and be able to do the color separations for light and dark shirts in a short time. Some jobs might take 15 minutes and other more complex jobs could take an hour or so.

But, the real payoff will be confidence - and that will show in your work and when out selling. You will find that high-end jobs lead to other high-end jobs and the ability to control the separations will take your business to a new level.

Even for jobs that do NOT require separations (DTG, Sublimation, Posters) - you will know your way around Photoshop and be able to fix bad artwork, build great looking designs, improve images from customers and feel very confident with your computer graphics abilities.

And, if you are new to using high mesh counts and halftone dots, your screen making ability will go through the roof. Your prints will be much better and softer and technically you will be a much better printer.

This class is LIVE right now. Start taking it today and finish at your own pace. Refer back to the lessons and videos over and over for weeks or even months later!

Learn more and register online at


All sample designs shown or used in class exercises are copyright and/or trademark of their respective owners.
Course cirriculum is subject to change without notice.