Hire Scott or Mike Fresener - or Both - to come to your shop for personal training/consulting.

Are you struggling with production? Do you want to do high-end work but need help with screen making and proper printing techniques? Do you want to do better color separations in-house? Are you looking to add DTG and need help with setting it up? Are you a startup who just needs that one-one-one help? Is coming to one of the Printers Boot Camps just too much time away from your shop - or do you have a lot of employees to teach? 

Maybe it's time for a consultant. Scott and Mike Fresener are well known industry experts and a few days in your shop working with your people can do wonders for productivity, print quality, profits and even morale! Hiring Scott or Mike - or BOTH of them for a few days may be all you need to turn up the volume of your business.

Sometimes just having a consultants "fresh eyes" is what you really need to get to the next level and the Freseners bring a wealth of experience and industry knowledge.

In the grand scheme of things bringing in a consultant can easily pay for himself. For more details give Scott Fresener a call at 1/888-801-1561 or 480-212-1078 or email for a no obligation quote or to just get a better idea of what can be done for your company.

Learn more about this service HERE.