T-Shirt Printers Boot Camp Class Outline

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Day One - Hours 9:00 - 5:00

Day one is all the stuff you won't get at other classes. It is great to learn how to print a shirt but it is more important to know how to market and sell your prints, how to run the business and more. And, if you are new to this industry you need to know about basic computer graphics.

  • Overview of the process.
  • Hands-on printing exercise. Print your first shirt!
  • The business side of printing including tips on marketing and selling.
  • All about the industry, trade shows, trade magazines and more.
  • Basic shop layout and setup. Learn about zoning, using chemicals and the law.
  • Understanding the legal side – copyrights, trademarks, artwork ownership and more.
  • How to price your work and be profitable.
  • A basic overview of computer graphics.
  • How to make film positives for screen making.
  • Learn about film output devices and options.

Day Two - Hours 9:00 - 5:00

Now that you know all about the industry and how to create artwork and make film positives you need to know about the screen making process. If you can make one great screen you can make lots of great screens - and good prints start with great screens. On Day Two you will learn about basic and advance printing techniques, setting up the press, using inks & printing on light shirts.

  • Proper screen making including frame types, screen mesh selection, all about stencils and emulsions and how to make a good screen to make a great print.
  • “Burn” your own screen and learn how to develop the screen and prepare it for printing.
  • Learn about exposure systems including using sunlight to burn/expose screens.
  • Screen making for multi-color printing and special screens for dark shirts, puff ink and more.
  • All about inks and how to mix them and dry them.
  • All about the equipment and whether to make it, buy used or buy new. Get an idea of what you need to outfit a shop.
  • Press-setup. Setup a multi-color job and print light colored shirts. You will print a number of designs on shirts and get plenty of time to learn proper printing techniques, loading and unloading garments, print placement, how to get a sharp print and more.
  • Quality and what makes a great print.
  • Tearing down a job and re-using the screens

Day Two - OPTIONAL 5:30 to 7:30

This section is optional and attendees from both classes can attend. You will learn all about how to use direct-to-garment (DTG) in your business. We feature the Epson F2000 SureColor DTG printer.
You will learn:

  • All about the DTG process.
  • Simple artwork creation and RIP software to run a DTG machine.
  • How to print shirts including how to pre-treat dark shirts.
  • Bring a file and print a shirt!


Day Three - Hours 9:00 - 4:00

Day three is fun. Now that you know how to print you will learn do more printing to gain confidence. You will also learn about your shop's health and safety along with printing on a wide variety of textile and non-textile items. You will end the day printing a HOT six color photo realistic image on a black shirt.

  • Clean up materials and chemicals and how to handle them safely.
  • Learn about the trendy all-over prints & unique print locations.
  • How to use specialty and special effects inks like puff, glitter, discharge, waterbased, suede and more.
  • How to print on specialty materials like nylon jackets and caps.
  • Basics of non-textile printing including stickers, posters, signs, decals and more. These are profitable types of jobs and can be a nice addition to your business.
  • Final printing exercise - printing bright full-color image on a black shirt.

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