Over the years the Freseners have had at least 14,000 students and have received literally thousands of thank you letters and personal thank yous from students. Here are a couple recent testimonial letters that are typical of the many received. 

Dear Scott;

My husband and I attended your class in 2007. I own an embroidery business and had contracted out my screen printing work for several years. My husband decided to join me in the business and we found your class online. We had no working knowledge of the process. We just knew what the end result should look like. We found the class to be very informative and helpful and we loved the instructors. The hands-on environment was great. You also provide many tips that saved us money in the beginning. Additionally, you saved us thousands of dollars later on when we upgraded to an automatic press by stressing to us how important it was to buy the biggest dryer we could possibly afford. I came back to my office and did not deal with the actual screen printing at all. My husband handled everything in that area. This spring he was killed in an automobile accident when someone pulled out in front of him. I was left to run our small business by myself. I was surprised how many things I remembered from the class I took five years ago. I had not coated screens, burned screens, or lined up a job since I left your class in 2007. I knew how to do all of these things because of your class and your book. I would strongly recommend that anyone considering starting a screen printing business enroll in your class. It is definitely money and time well spent.

Leeah Calvert
Logo Concepts
Eufaula, OK USA



I wanted to say THANKS! Your class was priceless to me (Master Color Separator Boot Camp). We will be doing some sample prints with index and cmyk and I'll be sure to ship them out to you. Thanks again!
Curtis Beard 
Absolute Screen Printing
Buckeye, AZ USA